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“The real me started coming through.”

“Sometimes what you put down on paper can be closer to how you are feeling than anything that you could ever say aloud.”

Art psychotherapy “helped me to think and talk with someone about some really difficult things.”

"I found Art Therapy inspiring and helpful in integrating parts of myself that were struggling."

“Art psychotherapy has been one of if not the most beneficial part of the treatment I have received.”

“Images in art therapy prevented me from overthinking stuff. I could put everything down on paper and think about things that way.”

“There are so many ways to get your feelings out without ever having to say anything at all.”

"It was always a collaborative journey together where I felt safe and heard, and found the most profound healing."

"Kate, you have been so supportive and my experience of art therapy with you has been truly lifechanging."

“Art can be a way to start that conversation that you may have been scared of before, and feels safe and helpful at the same time.”

"I would recommend Kate and the service she provides to anyone who asked me. I am so grateful for everything she has done. Never has a therapist worked so hard in and outside of the sessions. She is clearly passionate and dedicated to the sessions she provides."

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